Wheatland Athletic Association Main Office
2323 Liberty Street, Aurora IL  60502
(located inside the indoor soccer building)

WAA Baseball/Softball Training Facility
657 Wolverine Drive - Unit 7, Aurora IL  60502


Elementary Schools

Brookdale Elementary School
1200 Redfield Road
Naperville, IL 60563

Brooks Elementary School
2700 Stonebridge Drive
Aurora, IL 60504

Builta Elementary School
1835 Apple Valley Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

Clow Elementary School
1301 Springdale Circle
Naperville, IL 60564

Cowlishaw Elementary School
1212 Sanctuary Lane
Naperville, IL 60540

Freedom Elementary School

11600 Heritage Meadow Dr

Plainfield, IL 60585


Fry Elementary School
3204 Tallgrass Drive
Naperville, IL 60564

Georgetown Elementary School
995 Long Grove Drive
Aurora, IL 60504

Gombert Elementary School
2707 Ridge Road
Aurora, IL 60504

Graham Elementary School
2315 High Meadow Road
Naperville, IL 60564

Homestead Elementary School

2830 Hillsboro Blvd

Aurora, IL 60503


Kendall Elementary School
2408 Meadow Lake Drive
Naperville, Il 60564

Liberty Elementary School

1401 Essington Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60490
Tel: (815) 609-3037



Longwood Elementary School
30W240 Bruce Lane
Naperville, IL 60563

McCarty Elementary School
3000 Village Green Drive
Aurora, IL 60504


Owens Elementary School
1560 Westglen Dr.
Naperville, IL  60565

Patterson Elementary School
3731 Lawrence Drive
Naperville, Il 60564

Peterson Elementary School

4008 Chinaberry Lane

Naperville, IL 60564


Spring Brook Elementary School
2700 Seiler Drive
Naperville, IL 60565

Steck Elementary School
460 Inverness Drive
Aurora, IL 60504

May Watts Elementary School
800 Whispering Hills Drive
Naperville, IL 60540

Welch Elementary School
2620 Leverenz Road
Naperville, IL 60564

The Wheatlands Elementary School (District 308)

2290 Barrington Drive West

Aurora, IL 60503



Old Wheatland Elementary/ Wheatland Facility
3003 West 103rd Street
Naperville, IL 60564

White Eagle Elementary School
1585 White Eagle Drive
Naperville, IL 60564

Young Elementary School
800 Asbury Drive
Aurora, IL 60502


  Middle Schools

Bednarcik Middle School
3025 Heggs Road
Aurora, IL 60503
(630) 718-6000
At the corner of Eola Rd (named Heggs Rd west of Wolf's Crossing) and Wolf's Crossing. 

Crone Middle School
4020 111th Street
Naperville, IL 60564
The new Crone Middle School is located north of 119th Street, south of 111th Street, east of Normantown Road and west of 248th Avenue. The school is on the southwest corner of 111th Street and 248th Avenue. Turn west off Route 59 onto 111th Street and continue to site.

Fischer Middle School (Formerly WVHS Freshman Campus)
1305 Long Grove Drive
Aurora, IL 60504
Fischer Middle School is located north of Montgomery Road and south of Ogden Avenue, east of Eola Road and west of the EJ&E Railroad tracks. Turn south off Ogden Avenue onto Eola Road and continue to Long Grove Drive. Turn east (left) onto Long Grove Drive and continue to the school.

Granger Middle School
2721 Stonebridge Blvd.
Aurora, IL 60502
Granger Middle School is located north of Liberty Street and south of North Aurora Road (Indian Trail Road), west of Eola Road and east of the DuPage/Kane County border in the Stonebridge subdivision. From Route 59, turn west onto North Aurora Road (becomes Indian Trail), past Eola Road. Turn south (left) onto Stonebridge Boulevard. The school is located one block south of Indian Trail Road.

Gregory Middle School
2621 Springdale Circle
Naperville, IL 60564
Gregory is located north of 95th Street and south of 87th Street, west of Plainfield-Naperville Road and east of Book Road. Turn north off 95th Street onto Long Acre Drive, turn left (west) onto Springdale Circle.

Hill Middle School
1836 Brookdale Road
Naperville, IL 60563
Hill is located north of North Aurora Road and south of Diehl Road, east of Route 59 and west of Raymond Drive in the Brookdale subdivision. Turn east off Route 59 onto Brookdale Road.

Scullen Middle School
2815 Mistflower Lane
Naperville, IL 60564
Scullen is located north of 103rd Street and south of 95th Street, east of the EJ & E Railroad tracks and west of Route 59. Turn west off Route 59 onto 103rd Street. Turn north (right) onto Mistflower Lane. Proceed to the parking lot entrance on the north side of the school, which is the main entrance. There is no visitor entrance on the south side of the building.

Still Middle School
787 Meadowridge Drive
Aurora, IL 60504
Still Middle School is located in the Meadow Lakes Office Park north of Montgomery Road and south of Ogden Avenue, east of Frontenac Road and west of Route 59. Meadowridge Drive is one block east of the intersection of Ogden Avenue and 75th Street. Turn south off 75th Street onto Meadowridge Drive.


High Schools

Indian Plains High School
1322 N. Eola Road
Aurora, IL 60502


Metea Valley High School
1801 N. Eola Road
Aurora, IL 60502

Neuqua Valley High School
2360 95th Street
Naperville, IL 60564

Oswego High School

4250 Illinois 71

Oswego, IL 60543

Google map

Waubonsie Valley High School
2590 Route 34
Aurora, IL 60504




Other Locations

For Directions to all Fox Valley Parks including Amber Fields, Wheatland Community Park, Nature's Meadow go to http://foxvalleyparkdistrict.org/interactive-map/index.html for an easy to view interactive map.

Alleluia Lutheran Church

4055 Book Rd, Naperville, IL 60564

Route 59 to 103rd Street. Go east on 103rd Street.  The church is on the corner of 103rd and Book Road.

Amber Fields
Take Eola south past Hafenrichter to Shenandoah.  Turn West (right) on Shenandoah, Left on Vicksburg Lane, continue approx. 2 blocks.  Park located on right.

Asbury Park
Take Eola Road to Liberty. Go West
to the light at Asbury and Liberty.
Turn North (right).  Follow the road past Young Elementary.It will curve/hook to the left. The field is on the North (right) side of the road.

Barrington Lake Park (FVPD)
Take Eola Rd south to Barrington Dr West.  West (right) on Barrington.  Park located on right.  Google Map

Bethany Lutheran
1550 Modaff Rd, Naperville, IL
Take 75th Street to Modaff, South on Modaff. The field is located on the East side of the street.

Birmingham Park
Located in the Stonebridge Subdivision
Take Eola Road to Stonebridge Blvd. West on Stonebridge Blvd to Legacy.
Turn right on Legacy.  Field will be on the right.

Breckenridge Park (See directions for Steck Elementary school)

Brooklyn Park
Asbury Dr. and Brooklyn Dr., Aurora - in Oakhurst North subdivision.

Cambridge Chase
Going north on Eola Road (past N Aurora Rd) turn East on Haverhill Drive to Pennsbury Lane.  Turn north (left) on Pennsbury Lane to corner of Bennett Place.  Field is located on the right.

Charles E. Hoscheit Park (Waubonsie Creek Park)  Montgomery Rd & Mair Dr, Aurora, IL 60504.  Take US-34 Ogden Ave West.  Turn right onto Montgomery Rd.  Turn left onto Mair Dr (just past Kautz Rd).  Google map

Commissioner's Park
3704 111th Street, Naperville.  Corner of 248th and 111th.

Copley 1 Park
737 S Lake Street  Aurora, IL  60506

Country Lakes Park

1835 N. Aurora Rd. From Rt. 59 turn West on No. Aurora Ave.  North on Genesse to park. Google Maps

Crossroads Community Church - Baseball and Softball Fields
Located on the Northwest corner of Wolf's Crossing (95th street) and Eola Road (Heggs Road) in Aurora. map

Dupage River Sports Complex -

2807 S. Washington Street

Naperville, IL

Eola Community Center Baseball Fields (Eola North & Eola South)
555 S. Eola Rd
Aurora, IL 60504
(630) 851-8990


ESP Elite Sports Performance
1517 Mitchell Drive
Oswego, IL 60543
630 554-5144

Frontier Park
3380 Cedar Glade Road, Naperville, IL

Located behind
Neuqua Valley Freshman Center located on 95th Street between east of Route 59 and west of Book Road.  Turn east onto 95th Street off Route 59.  Turn south (right) on Cedar Glade Road to reach the parking lot.www.mapquest.com

Gentile Field - 2323 Liberty Street, Aurora 60502.  Outside the PlayUSA Soccer Facility.

Greene Field Park
774 West Illinois Avenue, Aurora, Illinois

Lakewood Park - Shenandoah and Hoffman Blvd in Aurora 60503.  South on Eola Rd from Montgomery Rd to Shenandoah.  South on Shenandoah to park. Google Map

Lebanon Park - Parker Avenue & Douglas Avenue in Aurora. Google map

Middlebury (Montgomery) Park
North side of Montgomery Road between Eola Rd. and Middlebury Road

Mokena Fieldhouse

8685 Springlake Drive, Mokena IL.  In AT&T building across from Rasmussen College.


Nature’s Meadow and Nature's Edge

From McCoy Road west/south to Kautz Road.  Turn Left on Kautz Rd to Westridge Drive.  Turn right on Westridge Drive and follow to parking lot on left.

North Central College
Fields are at intersection of South Loomis St. & East Porter Ave. in Naperville.

Oswego Wheatland Park - see Wheatland Community Park (Oswego/Aurora) below

Phillips Park (North & South Baseball fields) - Montgomery Road and Howell Place in Aurora, IL.  From Montgomery Road turn North on Howell Place.  Fields will be on right side of street just past the pool.  Google map

Play USA Indoor Facility
2323 Liberty Street
Aurora, IL 60504

Pradel Park

From Route 59, south of 103rd street, turn Left onto Royal Worlington Dr.  Turn Right onto Meadow Lake Dr.  Turn Right onto Pradel Dr.Map


Prisco Community Center

150 W. Illinois Ave

Aurora, Il 60506

corner of Lake St. & Illinois Ave.


Quarry Fieldhouse

535 Anderson Drive, Romeoville, IL 60446

Ridge Park (see directions for Gombert Elementary School)

Rios Park Soccer Complex  Take Eola Road North past Ferry Rd to the entrance to Reliant Energy Plant on the east side of the road. The Rios Park Soccer complex is located just inside the entrance.

Solfisburg Park
598 Colfax Street, Aurora, Illinois.  At Ohio Street and Indian Avenue.

Spring Lake Park - From Route 34 take Eola Rd North to McCoy Drive.  Turn East on McCoy Drive 3/4 mile to Gregory street.  Make U turn on Gregory to access parking lot entrance.

Stuart Sports Complex (Fox Valley Park District) -  Jericho Road and Barnes Road in Aurora, IL.  Google map

Waubonsie Creek Park (renamed  Charles E. Hoscheit Park)  Montgomery Rd & Mair Dr, Aurora, IL 60504.  Take US-34 Ogden Ave West.  Turn right onto Montgomery Rd.  Turn left onto Mair Dr (just past Kautz Rd).  Google map

Wheatlands Park (old Wheatland Community Park in Aurora - FVPD)
Eola Road south to Barrington.  East (left) of Barrington to Spinnaker Drive.  Parking lot off of Spinnaker.  Google Map

Wheatland Salem Church Baseball and Softball Field
1852 95th Street

Naperville, IL 60564

Wheatland Township Park
Take route 59 south towards Plainfield to 127th Street.  Turn left (east) on 127th Street.
The field will be located off of 127th Street on the North side of the street.

Wil O Way Park - 1408 W. Jefferson Ave., Naperville.   2 blocks east of Rt. 34.

Zion Lutheran Church
11007 Book Road, Naperville, IL
Located at the intersection of Book Rd and 111th Street.


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